El equipo Triton

Willy started filling bottles 7 years ago and is now our new Instructor for the season. There's no way you will be bored being with him, and he will always come up with the craziest and best ideas for the Diving Center! He speaks Catalan, Spanish, English, French..and this year he's attempting Dutch!
Ferri has also been part of the Triton family for a long time, first as a student and client, now as a great Instructor and friend! There must be something wrong with him, because we can't seem to get the smile off his face!! He speaks Spanish, Catalan and English
Mika has been part of the Triton family for the last 6 years, Instructor, skipper and equipment specialist , you will always feel safe around him. Ready to help anyone who needs it, he's definetly a key person for the diving center! Together with Mim and Mark they're the all year round team, winter and summer! He speaks spanish, english, and has started with catalan and french...;-)
Alice is our young Marmaid , she joined us last year to do her Assistant Instructor, and will carry on guiding divers and students during this summer. She even smiles under water! Speaks Spanish and English perfectly
Quentin has been traveling Africa for a while and has decided to spend the summer with us to work up to his Assistant Instructor level. We are sure that, the same as the rest of the team, he will play a big part in this next season! He speaks Spanish, English and French
Los más peques del equipo se ocuparán de que Tritón no pierda su toque familiar!!
In 1979 he established the diving center with his wife Lotti. He’s Captain and Instructor and proud to be able to say that after nearly 40 years, he still enjoys his work every day! He's full of life and loves to give out tips about the area to make your holiday the best experience! He speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, Dutch, German, French,...and a few more!
She also has spend nearly 40 years giving the best service to our clients. She now starts to enjoy her well deserved free time, although she’s still a major part in the diving center and loves to spend quality time with our clients..who have now become friends! She speaks Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, German, English, French...
Mim has been diving since she was only 8 years old. Together with her husband Mark and her parents, they run the diving center with the same enthusiasm as Emilio and Lotti have always done since 1979. Her passion for diving is obvious! Captain and Master Instructor, you will see her either in the water or running the logistics at the diving center! Speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, Dutch, French, German...
As a good Ozy, Mark will contaminate you with his enthusiasm for life in general! Also Captain and Instructor, he will give 100% to give you an unforgettable experience!! Married to Mim, they both continue with the bussiness that Emilio and Lotti started in 1979. He speaks Spanish, English and australian
David has been part of the team for the last 7 years. Captain and Instructor, he will get a smile out of everyone! The team would not be complete without him! He speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, a bit of french...and also with his hands above and under the water! ;-