It all started in 1970, when Emilio and Lotti met skiing in La Molina. She decided to leave Holland and move to Barcelona to start a new life.
They opened a Bakery right in the centre of the city and they had two daughters, Miriam and Sarah.
Very soon they realized that city life was not made for them, and they risked everything by buying an air filling station in Llafranc, on the Costa Brava.
At the start, Triton was only that, an air filling station, but soon, with their enthusiasm and willing to make something special, they created what Triton is today; good installations, two diving boats, spacious changing rooms and a classroom for the courses.
Their philosophy has always been the same, make their clients feel like they’re at home and are part of the family, but above all, without forgetting safety.
This philosophy has been passed on not only to their daughter Miriam and Ozy son in law Mark, who since 2001 help them run the diving center, but also to the rest of their team.
We welcome you all, and hope to be able to make you enjoy this wonderful sport, that unites people of all ages and nationalities!

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